Mergers, Acquisitions, IPOs

Whether you need help in communicating and  positioning a single important announcement, event, or transaction; or if you need a more comprehensive strategy for the entire acquisition or IPO process, Janson Group offers road-tested communications tools to support the people and the financial health of the company during times of business-critical corporate transition.

A successful communications strategy should elevate the company and its key executives to a strong leadership position in the eyes of its employees, customers, investors, partners, analysts, community, as well as with its competitors.

This is especially true during times of transition. Whether the transition is the result of an acquisition, an IPO or a significant market shift, CEOs and their teams are under close scrutiny and immersed in a dizzying environment of high-stakes decision-making and negotiations. The challenges are compounded by the dynamics of employee productivity, customer retention and investor confidence, considering the devastating impact improper management of those key constituents can have on the final outcome of any transaction or significant change.

With the resurgence of mergers and acquisitions, it’s a good time to review the huge role communications plays in the success of the deal.

Janson Group has developed  a broad reserve of successful programs that can be customized to handle communications for any kind and size of transaction. Included are actual templates of comprehensive communications roadmaps encompassing employees, media, investors, customers, partners and community; as well as detailed timeline templates, Q&As, meetings and proposed agendas, sample letters, and outlines with key elements for scripts and speeches. The idea is to create the strategic plan; then mobilize, guide and assist internal resources.