Client Media Links

Laguna Beach Independent – 3/27/15
Children’s Hospital Stages Annual Follies

Newport Beach Independent – 3/27/15
CHOC Follies Takes A Trip To “CHOCAGO”

Riviera Magazine – 3/2015
Flight of Fancy

The Orange County Register – 3/2015
O.C. Snaps

Daily Pilot – 1/29/2015
Homeless aid groups get national grant

The Orange County Register – 1/28/2015
$2.5 million will give homes to 100 of Orange County’s homeless

COAST – 12/2014

Soka University’s 10th Annual “Celebrating a Vision of Peace”

COAST – 12/2014
Outrageous Acts of Peace…Leymah Gbowee”

Riviera – 9/2014
Mercy House gala featured in “In The Scene”

The Orange County Business Journal – 5/26/2014
Sara D’Elia – 2014 Women in Business Award Nominee

The Orange County Register – 5/5/2014
Streetwise crusader rallies the homeless in Santa Ana

COAST Magazine – 5/2014
An Interview with Larry Haynes

The Orange County Register – 4/10/2014
A Bunch of Helping Hams

OC Register Magazine – 3/17/2014

The Orange County Register – 2/19/2014
The REMM Group acquired by Reliant Real Estate Management

COAST – 12/13
Give Peace a Chance

The Newport News, Mission Viejo News, Coto de Caza News, Ladera Ranch News and San Clemente News – 11/11/13
Soka University Nets $500,000 for Ninth Annual Peace Gala

Bottled Up

The New York Times –10/28/13
Lists That Rank Colleges’ Value Are on the Rise

The Orange County Register –10/3/13
Homeless in Anaheim have a place to put their belongings

The Daily Pilot –10/1/13
Group’s agenda: solve homeless problem

The Orange County Register –10/1/13
Group gathers volunteer effort to end homelessness

The Orange County Register – 9/4/13
Eye on O.C.: Slaking a thirst to help

The Los Angeles Daily Journal – 7/29/13
Eight Stradling partners defect to launch their own boutique

The Orange County Register – 7/26/13
Partners leave Stradling to open boutique firm

Orange County Business Journal – 7/22/13
Nine Leave Stradling to Form New Firm

Greer’s OC– 3/27/13
Viva CHOC Vegas

The Orange County Register – 3/26/13
Whiting: CHOC Follies co-chair shares celebrity past

Newport Beach Independent– 3/22/13

Dancing for Charity with CHOC Follies

The Daily Pilot– 3/22/13
CHOC Follies Raising Serious Money

Greer’s OC– 3/21/13
Mercy House Fashion Benefit

The Orange County Register – 3/21/13
Zarnow: Dancing helps Nikki, Gigi and Diane

The Orange County Register – 3/20/13
Too much information

Dallas Morning News – 3/15/13
Wear the clothes you biked in…at work? To dinner? You bet

The Orange County Register – 2/21/13
How to bridge the generation gap in the office

D Magazine – 2/21/13
Dallas Residents Launch New Activewear Line.

The Orange County Business Journal – 2/18/13
Jan Slater Nominated for “Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards”

The Orange County Business Journal – 2/18/13
Martha Daniel Nominated for “Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards”

The Orange County Register – 2/6/13
Zarnow: Valentine’s Day isn’t soon enough

Dallas Morning News – 12/24/12
The Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is showing its holiday spirit by helping bring good cheer to soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Orange County Register – 11/7/12
Johnson: Armory offers a warm bed to homeless

Chief Learning Officer – 1/26/12
I Quit But I Forgot to Tell You

The Orange County Register – 11/4/12
Hopes for year-round shelter grow for homeless

The Daily Pilot – 10/13/12
Is college really for everyone?

ESPN – 9/28/12
Sportscasters Tom & Buzz demonstrate MySleeve, manufactured by Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind, on air at Texas Rangers game

Inland Empire Daily Bulletin – 9/14/12
City fighting homeless problems

ABC Dallas WFAA-TV – 9/12/12
As war winds down, blind Dallas workers seek civilian projects

CBS Radio– 8/5/12
Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind Interview – Community Corner

Newport News, Coto de Caza News, Ladera Ranch News, Mission Viejo News and San Clemente News – 5/11/12
Mercy House Nets More Than $17K at Eighth Annual “Living With Heart” Gala

You Tube – 5/9/12
Interview with Hook Mobile CEO Terry Hsiao at MoDevUX Conference

InTheCapital– 5/3/12
Hook Mobile Lets You Game with Friends

Tech Cocktail – 4/23/12
Terry Hsaio: Jump In But Think; Have Vision But Be Nimble

Newport News, Coto de Caza News, Ladera Ranch News, Mission Viejo News and San Clemente News – 4/20/12
XCARET Family Foundation Presents CHOC Follies XV ” Nets More Than $500K for CHOC – 4/19/12
Hook Mobile launches beta for its word-of-month App Growth Engine marketing tool

The Daily Pilot – 4/13/12
The Crowd: Another year CHOC-ful of follies

The Orange County Register – 4/11/12
Social Scene: Social Net Set Raises $500,000

OCSocialScene – 4/6/12
CHOC Follies Nets $500K Towards CHOC Children’s Interactive Media Center

The Daily Pilot – 3/22/12
A communal effort turns 15 – ‘CHOC Follies XV,’ featuring cast members from across Orange County, will play in Costa Mesa next week.

The Orange County Register – 3/20//12
Mom realizes dream to dance in Follies

Greer’s OC – 3/19/12
Musical CHOC

Newport News, Coto de Caza News, Ladera Ranch News, Mission Viejo News and San Clemente News – 3/9/12
XCARET Family Foundation Presents CHOC Follies XV ” Christina and the Crystal Ball, A Cinderella Story for the Social Net Set

OC METRO – 3/7/12
CHOC Children’s prepares for 15th CHOC Follies

The Daily Pilot – 2/10/12
The Crowd: Follies revving up for another year

The Orange County Register – 2/10/12
He beat the bank; is bank fighting back?

MSNBC/Associated Press – 1/15/12
Calif. police say they’ve found homeless killer

NBC LA Channel 4- Vikki Vargas – 1/14/12
Homeless Safe Houses: Are They Safe?

Associated Press – 1/14/12
Man detained after another Calif. homeless killing

The Orange County Register – 1/12/12
Homeless men stab each other during fight

Associated Press – 1/10/12
Homeless seek shelter after murders in SoCal

OC Weekly – 1/5/12
Is a Serial Killer Bumping Off North County’s Homeless?

Los Angeles Times – 1/5/12
As police seek serial killer, O.C. homeless seek shelter

MSNBC – 1/5/12
Homeless flock to shelters after Orange County killings

The Orange County Register – 1/5/12
Homeless killer: young, uneducated man?

The Orange County Register – 12/15/11
More homeless looking for shelter this winter

The Orange County Register – 11/17/11
Alzheimer’s Association of Orange County holds benefit walks

Greer’s OC – 11/1/11
CHOC Follies!

The Orange County Register – 10/16/11
Walkers stride to stamp out Alzheimer’s

The Orange County Register – 9/29/11
Jury sends $2.1 million message

Laguna Beach Independent – 9/10/11
Alzheimer’s Advocates Honor Laguna Cops

The Orange County Register – 9/28/11
Teen is like a parent to ailing mom

The Orange County Register – 8/25/11
Rep. Sanchez to hold Alzheimer’s town hall

The Orange County Register – 8/18/11
Researcher wants to leap from mice to men

OC Weekly – 3/23/11
Alzheimer’s Association to Sponsor 20-Truck Clustertruck in Irvine April 14

Huffington Post – 11/13/10
Homeless in the Middle Class: Stable Families Reduced To Poverty

The Orange County Register – 1/11/11
Anaheim teen cares for ailing grandpa – print version title: A knack for Caring

The Orange County Register – 1/3/11
Once homeless, man helps shelter that helped him

The Orange County Register – 12/19/10
Can dementia turn killing into mercy? Caregivers need support

The Orange County Register – 12/7/10
Shelters open as temperatures dip